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WriteMyEssayOnline was set up in 2013 with an aim of providing custom writing services to students from different academic levels. The company is based in Cyprus and claims to provide services that will leave their customers 100% satisfied. Among the company’s priorities are high-quality writing, customized approach, affordable prices, and timely delivery of customers’ orders.

Unlike other writing companies where the management chooses the right writers to handle the uploaded orders, myessayonline.com allows every customer who uploads an order to choose the most qualified writer to handle their task. The available writers will bid for the job and based on the qualifications of the writer, the academic disciplines he specializes in, the number of orders he has completed and the awards that have been given to him, you will choose the best. You will be in control of the writing through constant communication with the writer by use of messages. If the quality of the job done is not satisfactory, you will ask for revision and it is until you are contented that you will release the payment.

As you fill in the order form, you will be expected to state the duration within which you want the task completed. The deadline can only be changed after coming to an agreement with the writer where it will either be extended or completed at an earlier date. The order details should be well communicated before reviewing the bids as it will be difficult to change them once the writer has started working on your order.

Like most writing companies, the use of PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express will be accepted in the payment process. The security of the website has been guaranteed to ensure that no one will access any private details submitted in the entire ordering process.

Writemyessayonline.com allows free communication between the writer and the client as this is the only way a positive outcome can be achieved. Unlike other companies that have an influence over what is communicated, writemyessayonline.com does not interfere with the communication but every party is advised to maintain professional boundaries during the communication. It will be possible to monitor what the writer is doing at every stage and this means the mistake that could be noted will be sorted on time.

Write My Essay Online does not have an online chat or even a contact number that one can use. The use of an email is the only option and based on past experiences, the method is not very reliable especially when the matter that needs to be addressed is urgent. I sent an email and two hours later, I had not received a response which shows how unreliable this method is.

Writemyessayonline.com Writing Services

Writemyessayonline.com offers a number of services such as essay help online, writing of dissertations, writing of college essay, thesis writing, Writing term paper, and writing of homework and assignments. You will also be able to get editing services where you will submit your draft and the assigned writer will proofread it, format according to the indicated style, and change the content by up to 30% from how it was originally submitted. Rewriting services are offered as well where the writer will edit the submitted draft, revise where necessary, and make changes that will be up to 70% of the original content.

If you want better quality for your writing, you can pay $4.95 extra to have it featured. This addition will attract high-quality writers which will give you better chances of getting a more seasoned writer for your job.

Writemyessayonline.com works with writers from all over the world, both English-speaking and non-English-speaking. If you wish to know where your writer is located, you simply have to ask him and the information will be provided. The writers have undertaken several evaluation tests, are well educated and experienced and have been taken through a rating system to ensure that they will deliver the best. If you still have doubts, you can ask him to submit the first page of the order so that you can gauge how capable he is in the delivery of the order. It will be your responsibility to counter check the submitted work before releasing the payment so that you can confirm that it is of the right quality and that the instructions given have been followed.

WriteMyEssay Online Pricing and Offers

Write my Essay Online charges a lower price for all their services where the prices will be calculated based on factors such as:

  1. Education level: high school students pay the least where $10 will be charged for a 14 days deadline and the highest will be the Ph.D. level where you will be charged $23 for an order that will be delivered in 14 days.
  2. Set deadline: if the deadline for the completion of the order is 14 days, the cost will range from $10 to $23 based on your academic level and if the deadline will be in 12 hours the cost will range from $26 to $68 in consideration of your academic level.

Write my Essay Online does not offer any discounts to their customers as they claim that the prices have been balanced in a way that they are fair for the customers and for the writers as well. There is no special price regardless of the number of times you have ordered or the value of your order.

Writemyessayonline.com Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you are not satisfied with the work that the writer is doing, you are advised to inform him before he completed the order and provide directions that will ensure that the writing meets your specifications. If you wait until the order has been completed and the writer paid, it will not be possible to have any revision done and the only option in this matter is to submit the work again for editing and pay extra.
  • If you inform the writer to revise your work and after all the effort you still do not get the right quality, you will ask for a refund and it will be given 100%.

WriteMyEssayOnline Reviews

Narto Jun purchased an essay from Write My Essay Online as he had no time to handle the essay due to other commitments. He was very disappointed when the essay was given a very low rating and this also shocked his professor as he had not attained such a grade before.

image1 38Writemyessayonline.com Review

Kubiq L placed an order which he termed as trash and full of plagiarism. He had to incur additional expenses by looking for another company to redo the work on his behalf. He said that it was the last time he was placing another order because according to him, he would have done a better job. According to him, if writing was meant to be of such low quality, he would be in a better place to open a writing company.

Write My Essay Online Review

Write My Essay Online Review

According to Adam, writemyessayonline.com does not even deserve one star. He says that the submitted order is never delivered and all he receives are promises that the delivery will be made. He had paid $210 for his order but in the end, nothing was delivered which means that all his money went to waste. His advice is that people should stay away from Write my Essay online as all that will happen is a deduction of money but the job will never be delivered. He adds that the 5-star review on the website is not genuine but a trick to lure more customers to order from them.


Writemyessayonline.com Review


Write my Essay Online has been negatively reviewed by all their customers where they either claim that the quality of the paper delivered was very poor or that the delivery was never done. All the customers who had successful deliveries had very poor grades and according to them, they would have scored better grades if they did the job themselves.

The cost of the services is lower where writemyessayonline.com is lower making it possible for students to afford the services. However, based on what the experiences of those who have placed orders are, the services are not satisfactory making the customers lose their money for a poorly done job.

Write my Essay Online does not have an online chat and there is no phone number that will make it easy to reach the support staff. All that one can use for communicating is an email address that is not convenient as the reply may take too long when it is urgently required. I would not recommend Write my Essay Online to anyone looking for writing services as the reputation is not good. The writing will be poorly done and at some time, the work may never be delivered which means you will have wasted a lot of time waiting for an order and lost the money you had paid to have the job done.

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