WriteMyEssay4Me Review – A Custom Writing Service Provider with Confusing Locations

WriteMyEssay4Me is a paper ordering service online that commits in producing a quality paper of all kinds. Based on their contact information, they are based in Austin Texas. A short chat with their support team confused us as the representative said that they are operating from London, UK. Their chat representative said that they have been operating for the last 7 years (2012).

There are three steps that you need to do when ordering from Write my Essay 4 Me. You have to:

  • Provide your contact information
  • Provide information about the paper you are about to order
  • Check the price and make a payment

When choosing a paper, you have to indicate the academic level of the paper you need. You need to identify if you need a bachelor’s level, a professional or an undergraduate paper. You also need to indicate the number of page/s of the paper that you need and the urgency or deadline. Say you need a bachelor’s paper of two pages and is needed within 24 hours, the price is $58. If you want a cheaper one, you can reduce the urgency and make the deadline three-days, and you only have to pay $46.

To pay for your order, you need to have a credit card such as Visa, Discover, and MasterCard or you can pay via PayPal. If you choose additional services such as VIP customer service, adding an abstract page, having a preferred writer, and receiving a plagiarism report, be aware of the additional fees as well.

When it comes to communicating with the assigned writer to your paper, we are unable to obtain information from the website. Writemyessay4me.com doesn’t have an FAQ page hence some questions like these have no answer. However, if you need to ask such questions or want an answer immediately, you can contact Writemyessay4me by sending an email to [email protected] or by sending a mail to 600 Great Hills Trail Suite 150W, Austin, TX 78759. You can also talk to their 24/7 chat support representatives.

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Writemyessay4me Chat Conversation

We tested their chat support system to verify if it is something that you can rely on in case you have some questions. Luckily, we got some answers. We are glad that their answer was immediate and the lag that we experienced with the first chat representative was due to a system issue. We also appreciate the apology that the second representative gave to us.


Writemyessay4me.com Chat

Writemyessay4me.com Writing Services

At Write my Essay 4 Me, there are five categories of academic papers that they cater to. These are:

  • Thesis
  • Research paper
  • Lab report
  • Term paper
  • Dissertation

Aside from manually writing essays, they also use tools to ensure that all papers produced by their writers are of high standard. They use tools such as citation generator, word counter, and convert case. They also run a plagiarism check before sending a final copy of your paper to ensure a plagiarism-free paper.

The team of Write My Essay 4 Me consists of professional writers from all around the world. Based on the information we found on their website, they also have a quality team that checks all papers before being delivered to their customers. They also claim to have expert writers on all types of discipline hence they can provide assistance to any customer who is in need of an academic paper.

WriteMyEssay4Me Pricing and Offers

A page of an undergrad paper with a deadline of 48 hours costs $22 while cheapest is at $10 with a deadline of 10 days. This gets higher if you will change the academic level of the paper from an undergraduate to a professional. The price of a one-page essay with a 48 hours deadline is $33 but it can be lowered to $19 with a 10-day urgency.

We checked for promotions and discounts, but we are unable to find any. Writemyessay4me doesn’t have any promotion on-going at the moment. What they offer to win customers are promises such as timely delivery, 100% confidentiality, round the clock support, and free revisions (up to three).

Writemyessay4me.com Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with the paper you receive, you have the right to demand revisions until you are satisfied or just get your money back. There are three refund terms that Write My Essay 4 me allows.

For a 100% refund, it is possible if you are requesting it because you made a payment mistake or processed a double order. There should be no writer assigned to your paper yet. You can also get a 100% refund for some reasons no writer is picking up your order or they can’t assign a writer to you. Lastly, you can get a 100% refund if you no longer need the material or paper ordered because of the delayed submission of the writer.

You can get a 70% refund of the total amount you paid if the paper has been assigned to a writer and if he has been working on it with at least 5% completion rate. A 50% refund is possible if you requested a revision and no writer is available to make a revision.

To make a refund request, you have to contact the support team.

WriteMyEssay4Me Reviews

A customer review determines whether we will trust a certain service provider or not. In the case of writemyessay4me.com, we are surprised to be unable to find customer reviews from third-party websites. What we found were reviews for writemyessay4me.org and we can say that the said website offers the same service as writemyessay4me.com. Whether the two online custom writing service providers are sister companies or the same companies, we are unable to obtain concrete information hence we decided to check the testimonials of Writemyessay4me customers from their own website.

image4 27 image2 28 image1 29 Write My Essay 4 me Reviews

Write My Essay 4 me Reviews

These reviews are from the website of writemyessay4me. The reviews are all sweet and short. We noticed that most of the reviews are four or five stars and it doesn’t have a name on it, just the order number.

The first customer said that the paper he/she received was plagiarism free and of high quality. He/She also appreciated the referencing because it was properly done.

For the second customer, he/she liked the great quality of the paper he/she received. She/he said that it was a top-notch paper.

A four-star rating was provided by customer number three who said that she received it earlier than expected. As for the last customer review. The customer said that the paper he/she received was error-free ad well-researched.

These are some of the onsite reviews we found for writemyessayforme and we can say that the reviews are great. We would love to order a paper from such a custom-writing service provider however, these reviews are from people with no names and just numbers. The problem that we have with these reviews is that they can be found from their own website alone. It means that the operator or owner of this custom writing service could have manipulated or even crafted these reviews. The bias associated with on-site reviews is also high hence we cannot use such on-site testimonials in determining the reliability of these customer experiences.


Writemyessay4me is an online provider of custom-written paper that says they are from Texas. A quick chat with one of their chat representatives revealed that it is based in London though so either they are lying to us and they are operating somewhere else or they really have different offices. This website started operating in 2012.

This website has a lot of promises to their customers. They promise to provide papers in a timely manner, to have around the clock support via chat, to ensure that all papers are 100% confidential and no one will know that you ordered it from them and that they will do revisions until you are satisfied. They also offer a refund depending on the situation and it can be a full refund or a half.

Aside from great policies and conditions, Write My Essay 4 me also promises that your paper is 100% plagiarism-free, well researched, free of grammar errors, free of styling errors, accurately styled and cited, and are written with creativity and uniqueness. Lastly, they assured their clients that their payment system is secure, they have a ‘track your order’ system that is easy to use and accurate, and their money back guarantee is reasonable.

Despite the many promises that we all want to see in a custom writing service provider, we have two questions in our minds – why they have different information as to their location and why can’t we find reliable customer reviews from any third-party review websites?

The on-site reviews of Writemyessay4me.com are not acceptable for us because of the bias associated with it and we cannot trust their promises without a customer to back it up. Though they have a responsive chat support team, it is not an assurance that this website can deliver your paper anytime.

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