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ProPapers is an online writing service that caters to providing customers with papers of various kinds. works within the set deadlines given to create the requested documents for a price set by the website. The site has been conducting its services only fairly recently in the year of 2018, and currently, the headquarters are stationed in Detroit, Michigan in the United States, though the contact address given on the site is to a building in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company leading and running the site is called Odoxe Limited.

The premise of Pro-Papers is simply to order a paper or assignment by first proving basic personal information such as your name, phone number and email address, then detailing the requirements of your desired product, such as the kind of paper you want, how many words/pages it will need to be, and the level of education or employment designated to the paper. A quick calculator on the site can show you the base price for inputting all of these criteria. You may even upload files you have that specify the way that paper must be done. The customer decides in what time frame the order must be completed, and when the project has been completed it will be emailed and uploaded unto the order page designated on the customer’s Pro-Papers account. Of course, you must pay for the paper when your order it.

The papers are meant to be plagiarism-free, although the record officially placed is a plagiarism incidence of less than 10%. An ID is assigned to each writer and you can request that a writer you have hired before can work on your next order. However, if you have any concerns or questions for them, the only way to contact them is through sending a message. services outline the details of its detailed Privacy Policy. All information that you provide will be used solely to deliver you with their services, and details will be kept in confidentiality. The service is not meant to be used by those under the age of 18 unless they have express permission from a parent or legal guardian. Because of the nature of the services, your personal information may be used by third parties who are meant to assist in providing better services, such as IT service providers. These parties have also been subjected to confidentiality. The service does not retain any credit or billing information that may be stolen.

The extensive Terms and Conditions of the website outlines many interesting details on the use of the service. Most notably, the products ordered by customers and received from the company are meant for personal use only, and are still under the jurisdiction and technically still owned by the company. These pieces are not meant to be submitted by the customer who orders them as their personal works and is meant to be used as reference papers or for help in performing research. They are also not meant to be modified or published by the ordering customer without first acquiring consent to doing so from the company.

The company has the right to refuse business with the customer if copyright infringement, such as in instances of plagiarism, are performed. In fact, the customer is not even allowed to place their name on the finished project. The company is not held liable for any untoward incidents should their customer choose to submit the paper that was ordered and received.

Customer service is provided 24/7 and there are a variety of ways they can be contacted. ProPapers company provides a phone number, email address, and various social media accounts such as Skype and Twitter which are accessible to many people. You may request to have them call back. I attempted to contact the customer support team available in their live chat feature, and after posting an inquiry of whether or not they offer refunds, Mitch, the provider on duty, answered within a few minutes time and provided a link redirecting me to their refunds policy page. I can attest to the speed of the response of their customer service providers.

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ProPapers Live Chat Conversation Writing Services

Pro-Papers options include the creation of academic papers, which include some of the following:

  • Assignments
  • Coursework
  • Reports
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations

You can also get help for admissions or business-related works, such as admissions essay, business plans, and resumes. There are also options for other types of writing services that do not fall under the aforementioned brackets, and are enumerated on the site.

  1. Annotated bibliographies
  2. Article writing
  3. Grant proposals
  4. Speech writing services

You may choose different types of paperwork services, such as writing original work, proofreading/editing, answering multiple choice questions, problem-solving and creating presentations. Editing original documents will cost 60% of the price of the normal price, and about 30% of the original content will

The writers hired hail from English-speaking countries and are experienced and skilled in writing different papers. However, while the company does express that all orders submitted will be done to top quality standards, there are no credentials that explicitly describe the skill sets and qualifications of the writers who are working for the company.

ProPapers Pricing and Offers

As stated earlier, the price of your order will depend on the specifications of the paper you want to receive. The site attempts to balance high-quality service with payment for its writers, and prices are automatically calculated and even listed. The shorter the time is given for the deadline, the higher the price. For example, if you want a paper written from scratch that needs to be done within 14 days at the College/University level, it will cost $14. But if you want it done quicker, say, within 2 days, it will cost $24 instead.

Added prices are also available for additional services, such as requiring an APA format or requesting for a plagiarism report, which will both need payments of $9.99. You may also ask for PRO writer and customer services, which will both depend on different factors.

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If you’re coming on to the ProPapers website for the first time, you’ll be able to avail of their one-time special bonus, where you can try for a discount on your first order by entering your email and spinning a wheel. Lifetime discounts are also available for loyal customers, but they can only be applied if your order costs greater than $25. A 5% discount is available after your first order, 10% after your fifth, and 15% after your 15th order.

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ProPapers Discount Offers Satisfaction Guarantee

Pro Paper’s guarantee outlines that the works provided to you will be performed to the best ability of the writers. However, in the event that an order has not met expectations, free revisions can be done. Several options for a dispute resolution are also available if a case occurs in which the revisions are not adequate. They also have a Money Back Guarantee in case no revisions can be performed. Refunds are given back 100% if the deadline was missed, a writer could not be hired in time, or you have finished the project yourself after paying and a writer was not found.

65% will be refunded if an order is canceled but has already been started, and 40% refund when cancellations are done after half the deadline has passed or revisions were requested and they were unable to do them.

ProPapers Reviews

Pro-Papers quells any doubts on the use of their services by providing user testimonials readily seen on their website. There are about 110 reviews, all leaning to a positive view of the services. They also provide links to external review sites that have several customer feedback on their experience. According to Site Jabber, ProPapers reviews amounted to an average of 4.5 stars out of 5. Penny from the US said that the writing was what she had wanted to get and was “high quality.” However, another customer named Katie recounted that she was unsatisfied as there were many “repeat sentences” and the piece she requested did not have substance to it.

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ProPapers Customer Reviews

Another site, A-writer, has a few consumers who have overall rated the site as only 3.2 out of 10. Shana explained that the paper she received has numerous mistakes, and even after submitting it for revision, there was no improvement. Ultimately she paid $300 but had to write the article herself. Another user who did not share their real name said that the deadline was not met as the writer had stopped writing altogether and did not inform their customer.

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ProPapers company has a clean-cut website that is able to address many concerns from customers and cover a wide range of different services for papers. Their FAQs and Policies are extensive and are able to help customers get an understanding of what they can do. They also make sure that prices are properly broken down to show what you are paying for. However, even though there is a whole page dedicated to guarantees such as refunds and revisions, the quality of the pieces cannot be completely guaranteed as there is no evidence of the expertise of the writers. As there are several third-party sites that talk about, prospective users can see that the site has been fairly active and popular and that there are many who have tried the services. The general reviews are leaning from mediocre to positive.

This website may be one worth giving a try after customers have done more research into the satisfaction level of previous users.

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