Our Privacy Policy page here at Essayreviews.info will tell you about the nature of the information that we collect from you when you decide to use the services of our site, as well as how we utilize that info with the conditions under which we share the data that you will be providing us.

Primary Principles

We believe that it would be really important for us to communicate the steps that we take to protect your privacy and also the methods where we use the information that you give. Before using our website, it is essential that you read this section in its entirety for you to fully grasp and understand the terms set forth on our Privacy Policy.

Here at Essayreviews.info, we usually collect:

  • Non-Personally Identifiable Info (IP address, browser, etc.)

When you browse our platform (or any other website), you are sharing your non-personally identifiable information, like your IP address and the browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you have used to access any website.

Your non-personally identifiable information may be shared with authorized third parties like our advertising and promotional partners, our merchants, as well as our third party service providers for the purpose meeting the needs of our clients in a more specific manner.

While you share the above information with us, please note that we do not collect personally identifiable data (such as your name or email) without your knowledge. We can only collect this type of information from you when you willingly give us your name or email for update purposes upon subscribing to our mailing list.

Our collection of information is a necessary process that allows us to provide you with better services and to improve your experience using our website. Aside from this, the data that our site receives from the consumers are also used to generate reports about online shopping.

When users agree to enable the use of “cookies” on our website, we permit accredited advertising entities to collect anonymous info about our users and send them useful advertisements as well as our own promotions. But receiving them is solely at the discretion of our clients and they can choose to opt-out of this feature at any given time.

All the information that our site receives is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates to protect the data from being intercepted by unauthorized sources on the web. We at Essayreviews.info take strict security measures to safeguard the data that we’re provided.

For any questions or concerns about our site or our services, our customers can always contact our customer service department through our Contact Us page where we can be reached through phone, email, or via live chat.

We reserve the right to make amendments or changes to our Privacy Policy from time to time and all our clients are notified through email about these revisions when they are made.

The Data that We Collect

There are two types of data that we collect from our clients and they’re identified as:

  1. Personally Identifiable Info
  2. Non-Personally Identifiable Info

The information that’s categorized as Personally Identifiable Info is data that identifies a user as a person. This info is collected when users provide them in the registration process or in other features of our site that requires users to fill out forms that ask for personal information.

On the other hand, Non-Personally Identifiable Information is the data that’s automatically gathered by our website when you access our page. Information including your IP address, operating system, internet service provider (ISP), your browser, and others appear on our database and are registered as additional data.

How We Utilize and Share the Information that You Give

Both personal and non-personal information that we receive from consumers is only used for purposes such as:

  • Improving the service that we provide to customers
  • Understanding the needs of the consumers better, and
  • Enhancing our ability to bring our clients satisfaction

Below is the detailed list of authorized third parties where we may disclose the data that we receive:

  • Our service providers
  • Our affiliates
  • Our parent company & subsidiaries
  • Promotional Partners
  • Participating Merchants

Security of Information

Essayreviews.info takes the safety of the information that we’re entrusted seriously that’s why we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for data encryption. In addition to this, our website uses a secure hosting location, firewall protection, and also controlled access for the protection of your data. However, no matter how secure our facilities may be, we cannot guarantee the safety of the information that you transmit to our site over the web. We also take no responsibility or liability for the destruction, theft or the accidental disclosure of your provided info. But on the occasion that your info gets compromised due to unfortunate circumstances, we will immediately notify you via email. Unavoidable delays might occur due to the necessary measures that our site must take to determine the magnitude of the breach and reestablish integrity to the system.

User Options

Registered members of our site are granted access to our customer account section where they can freely correct or update the information that they have given at any time. In case of any issues or difficulties that you will encounter in updating your registered data, feel free to let us know for us to properly address and fix the problem.

Here at Essayreviews.info, users also have the option to delete their entire membership accounts albeit we may retain certain data due to technical and legal constraints. Our customers also have control on receiving email distributions or promotional offers from our website. Members of Essayreviews.info always have the choice on whether to opt-in or out of these distributions and it can be managed through their own user accounts.


Essayreviews.info reserves the right to make modifications to our Privacy Policy as a reflection of the changes that may take place on our service practices. But upon the occurrence of any changes, we will surely notify our clients about them by making the adjustments known on our site and by sending an email.

Sole Statement

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use contain all the material terms concerning your use of Essay Reviews’ site and services. The only accepted Privacy Policy that we have is the one that’s posted on our website and no other version is deemed valid.