EssayMania Review – Essay Spinning Service Lacking Reliable Reputation

EssayMania is a website that hosts services for completing and creating academic papers through the assistance of a professional writer. The site has been copyrighted in operations since 2016 and continues to provide their services today, but compared to other writing service sites, EssayMania website is relatively new. The site does not provide much information on their company, and it does not specify where the headquarters of the website is based, though the site itself seems to be targeted towards users in the UK judging from the web address.

To start, you can head directly to the Order Now tab on the EssayMania site to find their Order Form. Some personal data is needed, such as your full name, email address, country, and contact number. Next comes the details of your order, which includes the following specifications:

  1. The Topic of the paper
  2. Type of document that must be made
  3. Level of urgency
  4. Quality
  5. Academic level
  6. Subject area
  7. Number of sources
  8. Number of pages

There are yet many more details that need to be outlined for your paper, but these can be found on the order form if you want to check them out. You’ll need to log in with an account in order to make use of the site’s features to the fullest. After inputting additional services and entering any discount codes you may have, then you can proceed to have a writer chosen for you as well as payment of the paper. The payment methods they accept are Paypal and any authorized credit card. Unfortunately, I can see no indication of how you are supposed to communicate with the assigned writer once work is underway.

EssayMania papers are not guaranteed to have a perfect grade, though they work towards the best possible quality. Plagiarism is curbed as they use a software that detects plagiarism in order to make sure that none of the content was copied before it is handed over to the client. The site disclaims that they provide you only with a custom paper meant to serve as a reference base, and these “provided samples” are meant to serve as learning materials for you to improve on and create your own great paper.

In order to connect with the customer service associates, you may get in touch at their email address [email protected], or contact their phone number +44 208 638 0922. Aside from these, a live chat with a customer service personnel is on standby 24/7 for any inquiries you may want to make. Personally, I wanted to see if this service was really working, so I messaged them asking about refunds. I asked if refunds could be done, and the technical support operator replied to me within a few minutes, explaining that certain cases called for it, but they needed proof of my grade to be sent to a provided email address. I was a bit confused by this set-up, but since I didn’t have any paper for a refund, I thanked the service provider. Perhaps other users will have a better experience with them.

EssayMania Live Chat Conversation

EssayMania Live Chat Conversation

EssayMania Writing Services

A drop-down menu lists the services offered as the following:

  • Buy Essay
  • Do my Essay
  • Editing service
  • Paraphrasing service

When you decide to buy an essay, you can receive along with it a plagiarism check report, unlimited revisions and bibliography page for free. Asking the service to provide you with a custom essay has them promising a completely original paper that will be delivered on time. Though honestly, it is difficult for me to differentiate between the first two services, as they both seem to represent the same concept. Editing and paraphrasing services also seem to have scant differences in what is provided, aside from the bare meat of the service itself, as essentially you simply offer up your already finished piece for final polishing.

A diverse number of documents and pieces can be created by EssayMania writers, ranging from the regular essay to more complicated term papers, coursework, and even research proposals. If you want a dissertation done, you can even choose which part of the dissertation is needed, which may be for students who have trouble with only one portion of their paper. There is also an extensive menu for the subject area that will be written about, from Art to Economics and to Law and Medicine.

As for the writers, I can’t find much information on them other than that they are supposed to be professional in their craft, with either a Master’s or Ph.D. They are carefully assessed as to their work experience and qualifications by HR, but other than that, we don’t see any profiles nor do we have any indication of how many are hired under the EssayMania company.

EssayMania Pricing and Offers

As advertised by the About Us page, Essay Mania charges “8.99£ per page,” but it is not as simple as that across all works. EssayMania prices can be calculated at their most basic elements by going to the ‘Prices’ tab on the home bar. If you choose the standard product of an essay consisting of one page with double spacing, then it will cost you $12.99, at the least urgent deadline. The greater the urgency, the more increased the price, and you can also decide to get premium quality for your work, which will add $2 to each order. Increased number of pages, as well as the difficulty of the piece itself, also increases the price.

EssayMania Discount Offer

EssayMania Discount Offer

Add-on charges that you can avail of include proofreading and an originality report, which come at a price of $4.95 and $2.95 respectively.

While EssayMania support FAQ states that you will be able to check any recent discount and offers on their home page, I, unfortunately, do not see this at all. The only discount code I found was when I was checking the order form, and the discount offer seems to be used only for first-timers. Satisfaction Guarantee

In case of any dissatisfaction from a client, EssayMania refund policies are in place to settle disputes. A full refund can be given to a client who does not make use of a final paper if it is delivered past the deadline. However, only partial refunds can be given in the same case if they do use the paper that was handed in late. Full refunds can also be disputed if the paper is found to have been plagiarized or was not delivered by the writer at all. Revisions or partial refunds can be done in the case of an unsatisfactory product. However, a disclaimer warns that “full refund” by the company only returns 90% of the amount, as 10% is kept for the transaction cost and service charges.

EssayMania Reviews

Being able to look up testimonials and reviews on a business is an effective way to gain the gist of the quality of their services. EssayMania testimonials from previous users can easily be found on the site itself. Fiona Williams, from the UK, said that she gained “ease and comfort” when trying to make her essays just by using this service. Mary Kate from the US was pleased that the writers were well-versed with “every citation” style since she was unskilled at getting references right.

EssayMania Customer Reviews

EssayMania Customer Reviews

But no matter how much good rep they have on their own site, it does not compare to having positive reviews in other review sites, as there is less of a chance of favoritism, since the EssayMania business may have simply nitpicked the responses that made a favorable impression. There is a disparity between the number of positive testimonials on the site and the existing ones on other sites, as there are only a handful of third-party reviews.

Nina, a user making a comment on the EssayMania review on A-writer, stated that she would never try their services again since the paper she received diverged completely from the needed topic. On Top Essay Services review site, one customer named Karin stated that the website was “awful,” as though a child was behind the design of the layout.

So far, the average score of these independent professional reviewers borders on average at best and dips down to negative scores for many. site seems to have made very few strong impressions amongst the users, or it may be that they are not as popular are some other writing services to garner enough attention. It would not be safe to invest a large amount in trying their services, as there is no clear indication that the quality is acceptable.

EssayMania User Feedback

EssayMania User Feedback


EssayMania’s perks include the extensive kinds of papers and subject matter that can be covered by its services. However, when it comes to the other essentials of their services, it seems they are lacking when compared to other writing websites. You aren’t able to get a good idea of their writer’s skills and portfolio as there is no sight of them on the page, there are no indications of discounts or offers for customers, and the website itself lacks a streamlined style that can easily guide students to what they want to see and know. Even the FAQ page consists of a few answered questions.

It may be worth giving EssayMania services a chance as they are still relatively new, but as far as recommendations go, based off current reviews to the site, it may be better to look for writing services elsewhere.

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