EasyEssay Review – An Essay Writing Company with Fake Details and No Proven Testimonials

EasyEssay copyright section suggests that the company has been operating for more than a decade. It indicates that it was established back in 2008. The About page indicates that the company is based in Hongkong China. This did not appear to be true to me. I, therefore, checked whois.com for the information about the company’s domain address. The information I found on whois.com confirmed that the essay writing company was lying. The company domain address was registered back in 2012. Also, the company base of operation is in London, England. Lying about when it was established and the base of operation made Easy Essay look untrustworthy to me.

Ordering papers on Easyessay involves 3 main steps. The first step involves filling out an order form and paying for the order. The customer is then provided with a personal order page where he or she can track the order progress. The next step involves assigning a writer to the order. Customers are not allowed to choose their writer. The Easyessay.us management chooses the writer for the customer. The writer is selected based on the order’s requirements. When the paper get’s completed, it is delivered to the customer via the personal order page.

Easyessay.us does not provide any information about the deadline periods they accept. I assumed that the customers are provided with the choices to choose from when ordering their paper. Easyessay would have been much better if it allowed the customer to know the delivery periods it offers and the costs that he or she is supposed to expect for the delivery periods even before initiating the ordering process.

The payment methods accepted by Easy Essay are safe. The methods allow the customer to dispute the charges made if the customer learns that he or she is being scammed. Easyessay accepts payments made by either credit cards or PayPal. The company accepts 4 main credit cards. These are:

  1. VISA
  2. Mastercard
  3. American Express
  4. Discover

There is no information on Easyessay.us regarding how the customer is supposed to communicate with the writer. However, the FAQ page available on the website indicates that customers can upload any files they need the writer to have on the personal order page. However, this page does not mention whether the customers can send direct messages to the writer.

Easyessay.us does not have a live chat option on its website. However, customers are allowed to call during the working hours. The working hours are between Monday, 00:00 AM and Saturday, 01:00 PM (UTC). The phone number to use is 1 866 838 4584. The customers can also use the email address provided on the contact page to reach out to the customer support department. The email address is [email protected]. Easyessay did not mention when the customers would expect their customer support team to reply to their emails.

Easyessay Writing Services

Easyessay does have a wide range of services. Some of the services customers can enjoy while using Easyessay.us include:

  • Essay writing
  • Research paper
  • Coursework
  • Term paper
  • Personal statement
  • Research proposal
  • Critical thinking
  • Thesis
  • Lab report
  • Case study
  • Book or movie review
  • Presentation or speech
  • Creative writing
  • Article review
  • Dissertation

I wanted to know whether the writers who would be handling my projects are experienced enough. I clicked on the “Our Writers” option available on the Easyessay.us top menu. I was expecting to find a page that had the writers’ profiles. This would have helped me determine whether the writers have great credentials and reviews from their previous customers. Unfortunately, instead of finding writers’ profiles, I found a page that tried to force me to believe that Easyessay has the best writers using marketing clichés.

Easyessay.us claimed that their writers have experience and they undergo a 4-hour test based on the Oxford University Press textbook. The company claimed that it has writers from different parts of the world including Kenya, France, UK, Germany, Australia, etc. Easy Essay claimed that all their writers have a great command of the English language.

While all this might make a customer want to place an order, it is worth noting that it may not be true. The company could just be using sweet language to make the customer place an order. Since Easyessay is lying about its base of operation and the year when it was founded, there is a very high chance it is also lying about the credentials that its writers have.

EasyEssay Pricing and Offers

Easyessay.us appears to be offering fixed prices. Most of the essay writing companies that I have come across usually have varying prices. The prices vary based on factors like the delivery period, the academic level, and the type of paper. The fixed prices I found on Easyessay.us are as follows:

  • A high school student is supposed to pay $10 per page
  • A college student will have to part with $13 for each page.
  • A university student will be required to pay $14 per page.
  • A master’s paper will cost $20 per page.
  • A Ph.D. paper is worth $25 per page.

I could not locate any discount codes for Easyessay on its website and on third-party websites. The company appeared to be satisfied that the prices it was offering its customers were the lowest.

Easyessay.us Satisfaction Guarantee

Customers using Easyessay.us are allowed to request for refunds. If a customer is requesting the refund because he or she was not satisfied with the delivered paper, the refund may take up to 14 days to process. For any other valid reason, the refunds will be processed within a period of 3 to 4 days. Customers are also allowed to request for revisions. The revisions are 100% free if the instructions given when placing the order initially are not altered in any way when asking for the revision. The customers are supposed to request for the revisions before 7 days pass since when the customer first received the finished paper.

EasyEssay Reviews

Since Easyessay.us has been offering its services for a period that exceeds half a decade, I was expecting it to have numerous testimonials on third-party websites. To my surprise, these were not available. I was able to locate reviews on the company’s website. Just as you would expect, all the onsite testimonials were positive. Onsite reviews are not worth trusting. The company to whom the reviews belong wants to get customers. This means that it can create fake reviews in order to appear as if it is a great company even if it is not. Easyessay.us has already lied about the year when it was started and where it has its base of operation. This suggests that its onsite reviews could be fake too. I have captured some of the reviews below:

Easyessay Testimonials

Easyessay Testimonials

The first customer reported that he got a great speech from the Easy Essay writers. The team had used his thesis as a basis for writing the speech. The customer was thankful for the effort. The second customer claimed that Easyessay had used a brilliant style to handle his paper. The writers had used classy vocabularies and had also included elegant irony. He encouraged other people to try Easyessay.us.

Easyessay Customer Comments

Easyessay Customer Comments

The first reviewer above reported that Easyessay wrote a great argumentative essay for him. When compared to all the other essays in his classroom, the essay was the best. The last reviewer above had asked the Easyessay team to write 5 pages for him within a period of 8 hours. The team managed to deliver his paper on time. The paper had a great quality.


I wouldn’t advise customers looking for an essay writing company to have Easyessay.us as one of their top priorities. The company has been online for a period that exceeds half a decade and it still does not have any proven reviews. The onsite reviews available on the company website look impressive. However, they have a very high likelihood of being fake. Hence, they cannot be trusted.

Easyessay.us uses a fake year of establishment and a fake base of operation. This suggests that the owners or the management have things to hide. Genuine essay writing companies will not lie about where they base their operations or even when they started offering their services.

Easyessay does not make it easy for the customer to know who will be handling his or her paper. There are no writers’ profiles on Easyessay.us. The company claims that they have great writers. However, this could be just a lie. The company could just be using marketing language to attract customers. The prices offered by Easyessay are competitive. They can be afforded by any customer without him or her having to struggle too much. However, based on the lack of evidence that Easyessay.us can be trusted, it would be much better for customers to use more genuine companies to avoid wasting both time and money.

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