CustomEssayOrder Review – A Company with Unresponsive Customer Support and Mostly Negative Reviews

According to the information on CustomEssayOrder about page, the company started offering its services 10 years ago. This suggested that it started operating back in 2008. I confirmed this to be true after checking the date when was first registered on The essay writing company is based in the United States. The website is both easy to navigate and use. This is an extremely attractive feature considering that people who order their essays online do not have any time to waste.

The ordering process is simple. The first step involves submitting the instructions the essay writers working with are supposed to follow. The customer is allowed to review his instructions before proceeding to the 3rd step which involves making the payment. After making the payment, the Custom Essay Order will start working on the paper. The management will assign the paper to one of their writers. After the writer has finished writing the paper, the in-house team working for will proofread the paper and check for plagiarism before sending the paper to the customer’s email address.

Customessayorder does have versatile deadline options. These are presented to the customer during the ordering process, the shortest turnaround time Customessayorder offers is 1 to 3 hours. The price of each paper will depend on the deadline period. If a deadline is very close, the customer will have to pay a high price when compared to when the deadline is not close. offers safe payment options. Customers are supposed to use three main payment options. These are:

  1. Credit cards
  2. Debit cards
  3. PayPal

The main credit cards customers are supposed to use when paying for their order are VISA, Mastercard, and the American Express. Paying using credit cards and PayPal is always a great idea considering that it is possible for the customer to dispute the charges made if Customessayorder tries to rip him or her off.

After creating an account on, the customers get to communicate with their writers directly. However, they are not allowed to exchange their contact details. They are supposed to use the Custom Essay Order messaging system. This makes it easier for the customer to make sure that the writer knows what is expected of him or her. claims that it offers customer support on a 24/7 basis. I wanted to confirm this. I decided to try out the live chat. I was able to open the live chat and even send a message. Instead of answering me, the customer support agent decided to ignore me. The agent joined the chat and left almost immediately. I have captured the evidence below:

Customessayorder Live Chat

Customessayorder Live Chat

This showed that was lying about their 24/7 support promise. I wanted to determine what else the company was also lying about. I realized that the company was also lying about the social media followers they have. The link to their Twitter and Google+ accounts are broken. Also, the number of followers the company indicates are exaggerated to make the company look like it is popular. The other ways customers can reach out to include the email and the phone number. The email address to use is [email protected] while the phone number is 1 888 220 7382.

CustomEssayOrder Writing Services

Custom Essay Order does offer a wide range of services. Some of the services customers can get on Customessayorder include:

  • Essay writing
  • Custom dissertation
  • Custom thesis
  • Custom coursework
  • Term papers
  • Custom articles
  • Research papers
  • Custom assignments does have a couple of officials’ profiles on its homepage. They have only 4 writers on this page who have professional looking pictures and glowing credentials. Since CustomEssayOrder is not very genuine, I did not believe that these profiles are 100% genuine. Customers are not allowed to select the writer to handle their paper. The management selects the best writer to handle the paper depending on the paper’s requirements. While this may look like the customer is saving some time, there is always a high likelihood of receiving a poor quality paper. The system would have been much better if the customer was allowed to review the writers’ profiles, check the ratings & reviews given to the writers by previous customers before choosing a writer. Pricing and Offers is very affordable. On the company’s FAQ page, the prices are indicated to start at as low as $9.95. Just like with all the other essay writing companies I have come across, prices vary based on three main factors. These are:

  1. The type of paper
  2. The deadline period
  3. The academic level offers discounts to its customers. The discounts do vary depending on the number of orders a customer has placed on Customessayorder previously. I have captured the discounts below:

Customessayorder Discounts

Customessayorder Discounts

If a customer is placing an order for the first time, he or she is offered a 15% discount. To get instructions on how to get the 15% price reduction, the customer is supposed to contact the customer support team. After placing 3 orders, the customer is offered a 5% discount. After placing 7 orders, the customer gets a 10% discount. 10 orders will offer the customer a 15% discount. I could not locate any coupon codes for I had to assume that these are usually not available.

CustomEssayOrder Satisfaction Guarantee

If the customer is not satisfied with the paper that he or she receives from Customessayorder, the customer can request for a free revision. offers an unlimited number of free revisions. For the customer to enjoy these free revisions, they have to be requested within the first 30 days since the day when the paper was delivered. Dissertation and thesis revision requests can be made within a period of 60 days. The company claims that if the initial requirements are changed when the customer is requesting for a revision, the company reserves the right to refuse to revise the paper. Customessayorder does have a 100% money back guarantee. Conditions under which the customer becomes eligible to receive this refund are not made clear on Customessayorder. Reviews

After searching for testimonials written by customers who had previously used Customessayorder, I came across a number of negative testimonials. The company did not have numerous testimonials on third-party sites. This suggested that it is not very active. The company had numerous positive reviews on its website. I chose to not trust these reviews. This is based on the fact that the reviews could be fake. Companies to craft fake reviews in order to attract customers who will be thinking that the company is genuine while in the real sense it is not. Here are some of the reviews I found:

Customessayorder Testimonial

Customessayorder Testimonial

Zack reported that the writers who handled his paper at did not follow his guidelines. He had made the guidelines as detailed as possible. The writers decided to write how they wished instead of taking into consideration what Zack needed. The paper he received from the company could not be submitted. He requested a free revision. When revising the paper, the writer failed to add some vital details. When asking for the paper to be revised for the third time, the company tried to get money from him. It was only after the fourth revision that the customer delivered what looked like his order.

Customessayorder Testimonial

Customessayorder Testimonial

friends had already tried the company. One got a great paper while the other customer had a bad experience. missed the deadline and the second friend’s paper had 7% plagiarism.

From the above reviews, it is clear that is not a company that a customer should trust 100%. The first reviewer’s paper had to be revised four times before he got what he had ordered. If a customer does not have time for all these revisions, there is a high likelihood of having to settle for a bad paper. The fact that the company accepted to revise one paper 4 times in a row is really impressive. This confirms that the company does not lie when it states that they offer unlimited revisions.


If a customer does not have the time to request numerous revisions while using, I wouldn’t advise using the company. The company may not deliver high-quality content the first time. However, there is a chance of getting a better paper after numerous revisions. Customessayorder does not have numerous reviews. This suggests that it is not very popular. If the company offers high-quality services, it should have numerous reviews considering that it has been offering its services for more than 10 years. customer support team ignored my attempts to communicate with them. This suggests that getting satisfactory customer support services is impossible.

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