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CheapWritingService is an academic writing company located in Hong Kong that claims to have been providing writing services to learners from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, among others since 2008. The company also has support offices in Ukraine and in Latvia to facilitate the delivery of services to their customers.

The service delivery at Cheap Writing Service has been simplified to ensure that customers do not waste a lot of time trying to figure out how the process works. You will fill in the order form through which the details that will facilitate the writing of your order will be submitted. You will also upload any documents that will make it easy for the writer who will be assigned the task to complete it based on your specifications. Once this is done, you will make the payment and the support team will assign your task to the most appropriate writer. On your personal order page, you will be able to know how the writing of your order is progressing and in case there is a need, communicate with the writer or the administrator using messages. When the writer completes the order, it will be delivered on the order page where you will be able to preview it and if not satisfied, ask for revisions. If the job done is satisfactory, you will approve it and this will make the document available in the MS Word version.

After you place an order at, the duration you will wait for the completion of the order will depend on factors such as the amount you are willing to pay for the service and the timely provision of the materials that will facilitate the writing of the order. The waiting period will be calculated from the time you submit the payment and not from the time you place the order which means that the longer you take to have the payment made, the longer the order will take to be written. accepts the use of PayPal, Visa Card, Discover Card, and MasterCard. I find this very convenient as I will pay using the method that is most convenient for me which in this case is using a credit card.

During the duration that the client is working on your order, you will be able to be in direct communication through the messaging system on your order page. There will be email notifications in your inbox but the company states that it is your responsibility to keep checking for new messages in case the writer needs some clarification. Writing Service has an online support which I found very reliable after making an inquiry regarding the discounts offered. The support staff that was responding to my inquiry was very polite and willing to provide any additional help I needed at the time. There is an email address as well that one would use to send a message though I find this method as inconvenient since the reply will take some time.

Cheap Writing Service Live Chat

Cheap Writing Service Live Chat Writing Services offered various services to their clients such as:

  • Essay writing
  • Writing of research papers
  • Writing terms papers
  • Bibliography generator
  • Words to pages converter

To be sure that the writer handling your task is capable of delivering what you want, you can ask for a sample from the writer’s previous assignments with which you will be able to gauge how good he is at his work. Cheap Writing Service claims that with their experience of 10 years, the writers know how the process goes and will ensure that only the best is submitted.

The writers who write the submitted orders are from different countries worldwide which the company says is a way of creating diversity. It is claimed that all the writers are experienced and have a good command of the English language which is the main requirement when working on customers’ orders.

Every writer has been trained to format in MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian writing styles so that they can be able to format the assigned orders according to your specifications. However, if you want to review the writer before allowing him to work on your order, the previous assignment he has worked on will be provided at a $5 fee. If you are still not satisfied with the results of the current writer, you will be allowed to choose another writer or ask for a refund if you are able to prove that the job done is of low quality regardless of the efforts made.

CheapWritingService Pricing and Offers

The amount that will be charged for the writing service will be set in consideration of the following:

  • The deadline that has been set for the order with the order that will take the longest duration which is 14 days being charged the lowest price of $12 and the order that will be completed in 8 hours will be charged $30 per page.
  • The requirements set for the order: if your paper will only need the basics that include checking plagiarism, revisions, Customer support, referencing and formatting of bibliography pages, and formatting, you will be charged the normal price.

However, there are some requirements that will attract additional charges such as:

A high-rank professional writer; you will be charged 25% extra for his services if he will be asked to work on your order.

Having a native English speaker to work on your order where there will be an additional 30% on the amount charged.

Requesting for information on where the information was sourced where the additional fee will be $14.95

Requesting a writer’s sample where the charges will be $5.

I asked from the support team if there are any discounts that will be given and was informed that there was none. However, if one was placing a very large order, some arrangements could be done to charge a special price. Satisfaction Guarantee

The following are the guarantees that promises all its customers:

  1. Money back guarantee: if you are dissatisfied with the processing of your order, you are required to notify the support team who will review your request for a refund and if it is genuine, the refund will be given.
  2. Revision: you are promised that your paper will be revised until you are completely satisfied with the paper.
  3. Every order that will be submitted will be custom made and will be free from all plagiarism.
  4. Your private information will be kept secret and will not be reused for any other purpose.

CheapWritingService Reviews

Albert H says that Cheap Writing Service offers cheap services and yet delivers quality work. He says that the revision requested for the paper was thoroughly done and all his instructions were followed. He was also happy that a plagiarism checker was used to ensure that every detail on the paper was original and not copied. He appreciates all this and promises to use the service again in the future.

CheapWritingService Review

CheapWritingService Review

Mariselle T says that he has been using other sites for the writing of his academic assignments and they were either too expensive or did the job below his expectations. He adds that the process at Cheap Writing Service is simple and there was no plagiarism in the paper and for this, he intends to use the service in the future.

Cheapwritingservice Review

Beata P says that she would have been in a better place if she had done the order and would not have lost a huge amount of money. She scored a D in her paper even after she paid an additional fee to have the paper rewritten. According to her, she would have scored a better grade if she had taken the test and the $200 she had paid to was lost. She does not recommend the company to anyone looking for essay writing services.

Cheap Writing Service Complaint

Cheap Writing Service Complaint

Conclusion has been in business for the past 10 years and during this time, some of their customers have been impressed with the quality of the services offered while others feel that they would have scored a better grade if they had tackled the orders themselves.

The cost of the services offered is lower compared to the prices charged by other writing companies which makes it possible for students to afford the services. Despite the low charges for normal services, customers who want expert services are expected to pay more including the request to have a native English speaker to work on the order, a service that is free in other companies. If you are willing to pay a higher price for your order, I would recommend that you have your order written by Cheap Writing Service. However, if you do not want to pay much, there will be no guarantee that the quality of the order will be as good as you want it to be.

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