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BoomEssays is a writing service provider that started in 2009. The operators of this website are freelance writers who decided to establish their own custom writing website to help students in crafting their academic papers. In the past nine years, the services offered by this website has grown and so is the number of their writers.

Before placing an order with Boom Essays, you have to input three things on their website:

  1. Your paper details
  2. Your order preferences
  3. Your contact information

Paper details mean providing the type of service you need whether it is a writing or a rewriting service. You need to provide the type of paper you want (essay, book review or movie review etc), the topic, and the paper format and styling. Information such as the number of pages or word count must be indicated along with the urgency or deadline. You should also inform them if you want your paper to be double-spaced or single-spaced. For academic level, you can indicate whether you need a:

  • High school level paper
  • Freshman level paper
  • Sophomore level paper
  • Junior high school level
  • Senior high school level
  • Master’s level
  • Doctoral or PH.D. level

One of the important information that you need to provide during the ordering process is the urgency or the deadline for the paper you need. The deadline you will provide will determine who will take the job and the price you need to pay. With Boom Essays, you will decide as to when your paper should be ready.

Your order with this writing service provider can be settled thru PayPal. If wire transfer is available in your area, you can use wire transfer too. If not, the best way is to pay with a credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Once your payment is settled, a writer will be assigned to you based on the instructions you added on your order. You can directly communicate with your writer via a special messaging app within Boom Essays. This way, you can monitor the completion of your paper while the writer is crafting it. For general queries or issues that your writer can answer, you can directly message via their chat system.

Boomessays Chat Conversation

Boomessays Chat Conversation

Boomessays Chat Conversation

We tested the chat support system of Boom Essays and we are surprised at how fast their representative is in answering our questions. This is a good indication that if you will need anything in the future, then you can talk to someone from this website.

If you prefer calling than chatting, you can dial 1888 205 0496. You can also send them a direct message via [email protected] For your feedback, you can use the feedback form they have on their contact us page.

BoomEssays Writing Services

For the writing services they offer, they have nine services to offer. These are:

  • Essay writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Admission essays
  • Copywriting
  • Resume writing
  • Math or science paper
  • Additional or other types of paper writing

Aside from these services offered, they also offer editing and proofreading services. If you need a rewrite, they also accept rewriting tasks. Their main focus though is in offering academic paper writing from scratch. You only have to provide a detailed information on how you want your paper to bee, its content, and layout and their writers will take care of it for you.

According to the information Boom Essays provided about their writers, they claim that all of their writers are native English speakers. They only hire English and American writers that are adept to different topics and specialties. On their ‘Our Writers’ page, you can also find their top ten writers for different niche and if you want to hire a particular writer, just click on ‘request this writer.’

BoomEssays Pricing and Offers

A discount or a promotion is something that service providers offer to their customers to keep them coming back for more. This is also used by websites that offer custom writing services such as Boom Essays. One of the offers that has is the 15% discount to first-time customers. The discount code is BOOM15.

image1 30 Discount Code

Boomessays is not just offering a promotion for first-time orders. Once you ordered, you can continue getting discounts by ordering more.

Boomessays Pricing and Discounts

For the first 15 pages that you will order, you can get a 5% discount and after having your 50th page, you can get a 10% discount. Once you ordered at least 100 pages, your next orders will give you a 15% discount.

BoomEssays Satisfaction Guarantee

Boomessays understand the not all customers are easy to satisfy and that there are conditions that can affect the productivity of their writers. In case a customer requests for a refund, Boom Essays will conduct an investigation to determine the merit of the refund request. A refund is possible when:

  • The paper was delivered late by the writer and you have no use for it anymore
  • The paper is of low-quality and after revisions, you still think it is a bad paper (this is not valid if you get a low grade in your essay because your teacher’s idea of a good paper might be different with the general classification of a good paper)
  • Your credit card was charged twice or you paid for a wrong order

There are certain conditions that might not merit refund like if you didn’t receive your paper on time because of your bad internet connection or if you reject having revisions just because you don’t want to.

For cancellation of an order, you can get a 100% refund if no writer has been assigned to your paper yet. If a writer has been assigned and started working on it, the writer will be compensated based on the finished work with up to 70% of the total cost of the paper.

BoomEssays Reviews

With a general average of 4 stars out of 5, we can say that Boomessays has a good reputation as a custom writing service provider. We checked some of their individual reviews and here are some of them.

Boom Essays Complaint

Boom Essays Complaint

Amy said that she found out that the paper she received was a paraphrased paper – a rewritten one that passed a plagiarism scan. She added that the paraphrased one was full of errors both in context and in grammar and the structure of the sentence was wrong. She requested for revisions but it didn’t change the overall quality of the paper. When she asked for a refund, she was given a 10% refund.

Boom Essays Customer Reviews

Boom Essays Customer Reviews

Unlike Amy, Miranda and Oakft are happier after receiving their ordered papers from Miranda asked Boom Essay for help because of her nearing deadlines for three essays and she was glad about the result. As for Oakft, he gave it a 4-star rating because he finds the content of his papers lacking. Still, he was happy because overall, he thinks their writers are good.

These reviews are from a third-party review website and with the positive overall review, we can say that Boom Essays is a good option to consider if you are cramming with your essays and papers because of the due date. For the first review, Amy’s issue can be viewed as a personal issue because she thinks the paper she received was a copied one when in fact it passed plagiarism check already. The refund policy also explained why she only received a 10% refund.


Boomessays is a custom paper service provider that offers to help students and professionals in crafting their papers for academic and professional purposes. Since 2009, the writers of this website has been providing their customers with quality papers.

For pricing, their papers start at $24.99 for copywriting, $6.99 for proofreading, $1799 for a dissertation, $4.99 for editing, $11.99 for rewriting, and $14.99 for academic paper writing. These rates are for single page orders.

What we liked about this website are the free features that they offer once you pay for their service. They offer the following features:

  • A number of revisions until you get satisfied with your paper
  • Free bibliography as you need it
  • Free outline
  • Free title page
  • Free formatting
  • Free plagiarism report

We also liked their chat support system and how responsive it is. We were able to talk to one of their chat support and the conversation runs smoothly.

As for the website, they have a clean website and it is easy to use. Even a newcomer can use it without issues. If you are unsure if you have the budget, you can use their calculator to check for the estimated price of your paper. If it is your first time ordering, you can also enjoy the 15% promotion for new customers.

They also clearly explained their refund and cancellation policies, something that we always check when subscribing to a certain service. Once we understand how these policies work, then we can determine if it is worth it investing some of our monies with them. Lastly, we liked their customer reviews because even if they have negative ones, the overall rating shows that they provided great service to their customers.

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