Copy of 8 Ultius Review

Ultius Review – A Company Offering a Limited Number of Services and Has Mixed Customer Reactions

Ultius offers both writing and editing services. According to its main website,, homepage, Ultius has its base of operation in the United States. The company has been offering its services since 2010. This suggests that people have been using the services Ultius offers for over 8 years. Ultius may not be the oldest writing and editing company providing services on the internet, however, the 8 years it has managed to be online is impressive.

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Copy of 7 Essaytyper Review

Essaytyper Review – Free Tool that Auto-Generates Plagiarized Essays Which Can’t Be Used Legitimately

EssayTyper is a service that focuses on making it easier for students to complete their essays quickly. The student using the service usually has all the control over his or her paper. If anything happens to the paper that an individual is using Essaytyper to write, the individual will only have himself or herself to blame over the mistake. I wouldn’t call Essaytyper an essay writing service. The tool does not have writers who help an individual write an essay and then the customer pays them. Instead, Essaytyper offers the student or individual unlimited ideas and suggestions on a specific topic. Essaytyper is more like a cure for writer’s block which may happen to most people. Continue Reading

Copy of 2 Kibin

Kibin Review – A Pricey Editing Company With Positive Feedback

Kibin is a writing company that deals with proofreading and editing essays that have already been written. The company was established in 2011 and based on the available information; the website is located in the United States. management claims that unlike software that will be used to check grammatical errors and other mistakes in essays, the writing that will be submitted to them will be checked by native English speaking editors who will improve the quality of the submitted essay to change it from being just an ordinary writing into an amazing masterpiece. Continue Reading

Copy of 10 CustomWritings

CustomWritings Review – Writing Company that has Received Mixed Reviews from Customers

CustomWritings has been offering writing services to the customers since 2005 when the company was established. The writing company is located in London and based on the available information, it was registered in 2008. Customers from Canada, the United States, Australia, and Germany are among the beneficiaries that have been benefiting from the services offered by this company. To serve their customers better, CustomWritings also has support teams in Ukraine and Latvia and it is claimed that the team is made up of professionals who are qualified to tackle every call or inquiries professionally and in a friendly manner. Continue Reading